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Mt. Healthy Jr/Sr High School Home

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Football players

Football players preparing to run on the field at the first home football game

Mt. Healthy Marching Band marching

Mt. Healthy Marching Band marching on the field to play the National Anthem at the first home football game

UB college visit

Mt. Healthy Color Guard in flag ceremony before the beginning of the first home football game

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Home of the Fighting Owls

Spotlight Message

Welcome to Mt. Healthy Jr/Sr High School.  We are grateful for the opportunity to serve the students, parents and community.  To that end, we have made significant changes in preparation for the upcoming school year.

As a part of our One to One program, our students will be assigned a computer device (Chromebook) which they will carry with them throughout the day.  Having the students pick up their devices before starting their classes gives the students a greater sense of ownership and improves the instructional time in the classroom.

We have rearranged the building into Grade Level Pods.  This meant that most of our teachers classrooms were moved over the summer.  Our goal is to make the building easier for students to navigate.

All students will be assigned to a daily Advisory Period.  The approximately thirty minute period that takes place around a student’s lunch is designed to provide students time to receive support from staff, get organized for their day, take part in character development activities, receive important information through announcements/meetings and take part in activities based upon their interests.

Teachers will be sharing timely information with parents and students through an online application called Kickboard.  The program will be made available to all students, parents and staff through a grant awarded to the building.  

A greater emphasis will be placed upon student focus within the classroom with the addition of the Yondr pouch for student cell phone storage during the school day.  Upon arrival to their first class, students will place their cell phones in a magnetically sealed pouch which they will carry with them throughout the school day.  At the end of the day (or if they are dismissed from school earlier), a large magnet will quickly unlock the pouch so that the student can take their phone with them.  Our intent is to increase attentiveness in the classrooms and decrease the tension caused by misuse of social media. We look forward to a fantastic 2019-2020 school year!
Go Owls!
Bob Buchheim
Mt. Healthy Jr/Sr High School


NE/SE 1/2 Pre-K Attend

Time: 9 AM – 11 AM
Location: South Elementary School, 1743 Adams Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231, USA
Aug 19

NE/SE 1/2 Pre-K Attend

Time: 9 AM – 11 AM
Location: South Elementary School, 1743 Adams Rd, Cincinnati, OH 45231, USA
Aug 20

Latest News

ESL Parent Workshop 8/29

Parents of English as a Second Language students are invited to a Parent Workshop on 8/29. See the flyer for more information.
ESL Parent workshop flyer

New Information Regarding Athletic Participation Fees

The Mt. Healthy City School City District believes in the value of extracurricular activities and the impact upon to our young people. For the 2019-2020 school year, the District has taken a significant step to support the extracurricular activities by piloting the following changes. Please read the attached letter from Mr. Buchheim and Ms Miller.

Mt. Healthy Jr High Parent Action Committee

Mt. Healthy Junior High wants to engage parents in the community and open up a venue to allow parents additional resources to support their child inside and outside of school.