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Welcome to ACHIEVE!
The purpose for the ACHIEVE program is to provide a safe, nurturing, and highly structured alternative learning environment that implements effective and efficient problem-solving and strategic intervention processes for students who have had difficulty finding success in a traditional school setting. As an extension of Mt.Healthy Jr/Sr High School, it allows students an alternative approach to succeed in learning in a non-traditional way.
     ACHIEVE offers:
           *small class sizes for more individualized learning
           *a virtual curriculum and 24 hour access to on-line curriculum
           *an individual pathway opportunities - credit recovery, transition to the Oaks programs, and other opportunities
           *the continued ability to participate in non-academic extra curricular activities through the high school - sports, band, etc
           *the ability for students to stay connected to their home school
Furthermore, through ACHIEVE students have the opportunities to provide service for their communities through classroom reading and tutoring, social engagements, and other opportunities that arise throughout the school year. 
ACHIEVE coordinates with other outside agencies and organizations that provide programs and opportunities to develop successful students. Groups like First General Leaders of America, which works with students from grade 7-12, provide social and career based learning to assist students in the areas of communication, resume building, and professional interaction with adults.
Students who have attended ACHIEVE have been accepted into vocational schools and transitioned to post-secondary schools like Cincinnati State.