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Junior High Staff Member of the Month

October 2020 - Sam Reger

Mr. Reger was nominated by a colleague who wrote the following, "I have had many collaborative teaching experiences in my career and have witnessed lots of teaching styles. Mr. Reger is very motivating and makes Math fun. He never makes the students, or me at times, feel stupid for getting a wrong answer or asking a question. He does a great job handling difficult situations that come up while teaching remotely. His best attribute is his ability to break the material down into smaller steps showing examples at a level that every student can pick up on. MTCHS is lucky to have him on staff!" His work was also noticed by a parent who took the time to speak to administration about how great he was with the class and his explanations were even clear to her as a parent which made it easier to assist her daughter if necessary. 

September 2020- Cheryl Wilson

Mrs. C. Wilson has gone beyond the call of duty by being a daily pillar during student/parent orientation. She called families and even took devices to student homes who did not have transportation. As a team leader, she models a positive attitude and is always on board to do what is best for kids. Her passion for young people is evident in all of her actions. She sees a need and rises to the occasion. We are so glad to have her as a part of our dynamic JR HS team! ​