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Standard Lunch $2.35

Includes an entree, bread or starch, fruit, vegetable and milk. Students must select at least three of the five items. French fries are sold only as part of the standard lunch. The standard lunch gives students the choice of one of three hot food carts.
Cart 1 - hot sandwiches, potatoes, fruit or vegetable, dessert and beverage.
Cart 2 - soup, pasta dishes, casseroles, coneys, pan pizza, grilled cheese sandwiches, potatoes, chef salads, side salads, fruit or vegetable, dessert
and beverage
Cart 3 - pizza, potatoes, fruit or vegetable, dessert and beverage
A la Carte
Sandwiches $1.50 - $2.00
Side Items $0.65 - $1.00
Beverages $0.50 - $1.25

Snack Bar
Items range in price from $0.25 - $1.50. Food items include cold sandwiches, ice cream, nachos with cheese, and other snacks

Café Terminal
The Café Terminal is the point of sale cash register system students use to purchase their meals. Each student is assigned a Personal Identification Number (PIN) unique to them. Students must enter their PIN # to purchase food items. PIN #s allow for all transactions to be recorded electronically and an onscreen photo of the student appears to ensure the correct account is being accesses. All sales are CASH only. Parents may choose to pre-pay for student meals which can be used for the standard and a la carte lunch options only. Choosing to pre-pay for meals either on a weekly or monthly basis encourages good nutritional choices, improves the in line wait time, and eliminates the hassles of lost or forgotten money.

Questions regarding pre-payment options, café terminal or other food service issues can be answered by contacting our Director of Food Service Fredrika Richardson at 728-4972.