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Jr High Band

Jr. High School Band
                Mt. Healthy Pride
Mr. McElroy (7th) & Mr. Quintero (8th); Band Office 728-7622; McElroy 619-8333; Quintero 619-8319
Goals for OUR Band
Together we will create an atmosphere of mutual respect.
We want to be a community where everyone is welcome.
We will support each other and help everyone reach their full potential
All students will work to be their best.
We all count on each other to reach OUR full potential
Mr. McElroy and Mr. Quintero’s Pledge
We expect all students to grow and improve as musicians.
We will give you the support necessary to grow and improve.
Sign up on the office door
or use the Owl’s Nest Box (see below) to get
extra help
Your grade will reflect your effort/growth and participation, notyour talent.
The Owl’s Nest Box is the place to give your feedback. For example:
“I really like ________; can we try to do that more?”
“I don’t like it when _____________”
“I could
use some extra help with _________”
Everyone will:
Demonstrate respect with our words, voice, tone, and body language2.
Follow directions the first time3.
Keep hands feet and objects to ourselves4.
Be prepared to learn/teach5.
Keep our band room and equipment clean
OWLS Guidelines for SuccessO
wn your own behavior
ork hard and make wise choices
earn and live with a positive attitude
how respect for yourself and others
Classroom discipline
 - In order to ensure the best learning environment1.
Informal warning2.
Verbal Warning “this is your warning”
Misbehavior continues and the teacher/student have a
student conversation
 assoon as the class reaches a stopping point (if this is not right away everyone elsewill have to ignore the misbehavior and move on)
 Parent Phone Call
If the conversation is not successful the student will be
 with areflection sheet/sentences
 Parent Phone Call