Mt. Healthy SCOPE Students Participate in Program Gaining Job Skills

Mt. Healthy High School students who are part of the SCOPE program participated in the CEES (Collaboration for Employment and Education Synergy) program at the University of Cincinnati.  Since the third week of school, sixteen students have participated once a week when they go down to UC and work at different job sites on campus building their job and employ-ability skills. They take a lot of pride in their work and work very hard at their jobs! Some worked in office settings making copies or delivering items to other offices, while some others worked in campus food areas preparing and cooking food. In the past several students have been able to obtain employment at UC based off of their work with CEES. 

The CEES program is a special opportunity to provide to Mt. Healthy special needs students who are working towards obtaining competitive integrated employment.

In November, all sixteen students displayed poster board presentations about their jobs. Their presentations represented their experiences at CEES since the beginning of the school year.