Enthusiastic Principal to Lead Mt. Healthy Jr/ Sr High School

As Robert Buchheim transitions this summer into his new role as Principal of the Jr/Sr High School, he is looking for as many avenues as he can to connect with school families. He plans to seek out local gatherings in the Mt. Healthy community to make those connections with students and families. His desire to develop strong connections and build relationships with the families here made him the most formidable candidate for principal. Buchheim stated, “I can think of no greater way of serving others than to serve as the Principal of Mt. Healthy Jr./Sr. High School.  All of the steps in my educational journey have led me to this point. My desire is to diligently serve in this role for the remainder of my career.”

Buchheim has extensive experience in school administration from two area schools, Dayton Public Schools and Edgewood City Schools. He spent the last three years in Dayton Public schools and prior to that, he worked as the Director of Curriculum and Principal in Edgewood City Schools since 2011. Additionally, he has a Bachelor of Science in Education from the University of Cincinnati and a Masters of Education from the University of Dayton. Dr. Cosby, superintendent of Mt. Healthy, said of his selection, “Mr. Buchheim’s vast amount of experience and care for all children made him the candidate we felt could lead our Jr/Sr High School forward for many years.”

In an effort to continue the progress at the Jr/Sr High School, Buchheim plans to carry on many of the activities like student leadership that began last year. “It is our responsibility as educators to support students to reach their fullest potential.  This means that we must empower students to be their greatest champions,” he explained.

Buchheim is married to Sherry, who spent her early childhood in Mt. Healthy, and he has two adult children. They just welcomed their first grandchild this summer. He expressed his enthusiasm in becoming a part of the Mt. Healthy community, “My time with Dayton Public Schools afforded me an opportunity to meet, serve and grow to appreciate the needs (and great potential) of students who have been underestimated and often times underserved for much of their educational careers. Using that experience, I seek to dedicate my career to the students, parents, staff and community members of Mt. Healthy School City School District.”