Mt. Healthy Jr/Sr High School and Springfield Township Police Department Partnering to Build Bridges with Students for Safety and Success

Springfield Township Police Chief, Rob Browder, and Mt. Healthy Jr/Sr High School Principal, Thomas Hill, spent the day speaking with Mt. Healthy Junior High and High School students on Thursday, March 1. Chief Browder reached out to the Mt. Healthy students and staff to ensure them that their safety is the goal of his police department. Mr. Hill and Chief Browder had positive messages to impress upon the students. They spoke about being prepared for life experiences and what it takes to be successful. Dr. Reva Cosby, Mt. Healthy Superintendent, attended the Jr. High presentation and echoes her desire for student success in school as well as life after school.

Mr. Hill discussed with students how it’s easy to do the right thing when adults are looking, but when they are alone with their peers, they still need to do the right thing. He stated there are consequences for everything, good and bad. He encouraged the students to dream big and become leaders. He gave a Leadership Challenge. This “earned, not given” challenge offers students the opportunity to be leaders by doing the right thing. He reminded students that when the school community is discussed, that this is a reference to their school family.  Mr. Hill impressed upon the students how he wants to bring about success in their lives by developing good habits and strong character skills. 

Chief Browder discussed with the students the serious nature of the school threats that have been occurring in schools and communities. In addition he explained the fact that schools, communities, and courts are taking these threats seriously.  He expressed as well his desire for the students to be successful citizens in the community. He assured the students they have the most professional and dedicated officers working in our schools- Officers Long and Webb, and the township. These officers have the students’ best interest in mind as the school district does. He and his team will do whatever they can to prevent an incident like the Florida school shooting. He implored students to do their part in not allowing situations to turn violent. He explained if a student felt like they were going to do something violent to stop and talk with someone – a family member, a teacher, counselor, administrator, or an officer. He also requested that students tell administrators if they hear about violence or read something on social media that threatens violence to the school community.

The speakers explained that Administrators in any of the buildings would respond immediately to any threat or anything that poses a threat to students or staff.  

Mt. Healthy City Schools and Springfield Township Police Department are continuing a partnership of building bridges with students and families in our school community. This partnership encourages students to be role models and promotes positive behaviors among the students in addition to giving back to the community through service.