JR High Spotlights from 3rd Q

Junior High School Teachers have been diligently working to engage students in their learning and help them be successful this year. Below are just a few examples of ways these creative teachers are instructing. 
Ms. Miller used an entrance ticket to gauged students' understanding of their vocabulary words prior to the lesson as well as an exit ticket to assessment their knowledge after the lesson. Within the assessments, notice that she asks students to take ownership of their learning by rating themselves.
The 7th grade math classes have been utilizing a digital notebook to help them study percentages. Below you see the top down topic web they used to activate their prior knowledge as well as a two column chart to organize the steps it takes to solve a percentage problem.
Mr. Bartlett used two column notes to aid in his students' comprehension of the content being covered in their climate unit. With the climate pattern on one side and the characteristics of each pattern on the other, students were able to organize the information in a logical manner. The addition of the images allowed for an increased understanding of the content by helping students visualize each climate as they read about it.
Ms. Gilligan uses a whiteboard in her team's hallway to makes sure that each student on the 7B team knows exactly what is going on. Not only does she give her students announcements for the day, she also provides them with a daily challenge. As you can see, in today's challenge, Ms. Gilligan is asking students to take ownership of their learning in the 4th quarter by coming up with a goal they'd like to reach as well as one strategy they will use to get there.