Mt. Healthy High School Students Bring Joy Through Food

High school students in Mr. Edward DeLair’s class made take and bake lasagna meals for Mt. Healthy High School teachers and staff, recently. The students decided as a group the lasagnas would make great items this year to sell for their “business”. The meals are sold frozen and taken home by staff members to bake for their families. Students prepare all of the food from start to finish for the meals. This opportunity provides necessary and important skill development for the students in terms of cost of food items, the preparation time it takes to pre-make the food,  how much they sell their items and profit for their business, and the focus necessary in following recipes and cooking. “This has been something that our students have been excited about continuing! It builds their money and budget skills as well as their cooking, team work, economic, and customer service experience.,” explained Mr. DeLair. You could feel the excitement in the room as students were busy preparing the food.

The lasagnas are in 8x8 pans and sold for $10 for meat and cheese, and $8 for just cheese. Students will use the profits for their end of school year party for the senior students in their class.