Mt. Healthy High School Seniors Receive Accolades to End the School Year

Mt. Healthy High School honored the seniors with an Awards Ceremony recognizing students for their academic, athletic, and service achievements from the 2018-2019 school year. Mrs. Karen Green, Mt. Healthy City Schools Assistant Superintendent, welcomed and thanked students and parents for their hard work on behalf of Dr. Reva Cosby, Superintendent. She quoted Oliver Wendall Holmes stating, “What lies before us and what lies behind us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” She continued explaining that this was just the beginning of their journeys as they follow their paths to success by remembering “what lies with inside” themselves. “The values and characteristics that you displayed to receive these honors will be the same values and character qualities you will need to be successful in your life,” Mrs. Green explained. She concluded by congratulating and wishing them continued success in their futures.  Mr. Bob Buchheim, Principal of the Jr/Sr High School, introduced the Class of 2019 Valedictorian and Salutatorian, Sandy Trinh and Leeonte’ Young, respectively. He presented them with their medals and stoles. He also announced that Mina Bolser is Mt. Healthy City Schools’ Top Vocational Student; she attended Diamond Oaks. Additionally, Lori Miller, Mt. Healthy Athletic Director, spoke thanking administration for including athletics with the academic awards and congratulating student and athletes on their hard work. She went on to explain the history and descriptions of the athletic scholarships that would be presented at the ceremony.

Several students were awarded monetary scholarships: Bob Kline Athletic Booster scholarship went to John Butlker and Sandy Trinh. Additionally, a scholarship in honor of the Silver Family was bestowed upon Christopher Roseman.  Morgan Leflore earned the Alumni Association Scholarship for college. Da’Jha Douglas, Chanel Roberson, and Devin Walker earned MCW Scholarships for college.  LaKala Evans was the recipient for this year’s National Honor Society Scholarship. The M2SE scholarships were awarded to Gilbert Hernandez and Leeonte’ Young.

These students were awarded departmental awards:

Sandy Trinh and Leeonte’ Young, Top Math Award

Ananda Pitts and Balla Sy, Top English Award

Evan Edwards, Top Science Award

Morgan Laflore, Top Social Studies Award

Maurice Smith, Top Choir Award

Seyan Asokere, Top Band Award

Assitata Sow, Top Spanish Award


Athletic Awards were presented to:

Justin Abrams and Sandy Trinh, Model Shoe Award

Justin Abrams and Sandy Trinh, Archie Griffin Sportsmanship Award

Roberta Cornist-Bordeneau and Anthony Jackson, OHSAA Service Award for Good Sportsmanship and Citizenship

Charlie Gibbons and Sandy Trinh, Scholar Athlete Award

Tyron Mincy and Taria Roberson, Award of Excellence for Exemplary Display of Sportsmanship, Ethics, & Integrity


The following seniors will earn a diploma with honors which was awarded with a medal for their diplomas: Mina Bolser, Allecia Chance, Evan Edwards, LaKala Evans, Gilbert Hernandez, Kursten Jones, Morgan Leflore, Sandy Trinh, Goodness Uzo-Ngerem, Devin Walker, Paige Walker, and Leeonte’ Young


These students were recognized for earning Top Accomplished Students (4.0 and above) Mina Bolser, Evan Edwards, LaKala Evans, Gilbert Hernandez, Kursten Jones, Sandy Trinh, Goodness Uzo-Ngerem, Devin Walker, Paige Washburn, and Leeonte’ Young

Beta Club members earned a stole they will wear at graduation as well as a certificate: Evan Edwards, Charles Gibbons, Gilbert Hernandez, Sandy Trinh, Paige Washburn, and Devin Walker

These students earned special cords to wear at graduation for their donations and volunteer service with Hoxworth Blood Center:


Students who participated in Upward Bound were honored and given certificates:

Allecia Chance, Quandale DeMarcia, Jasmine Dumas, Cor’tasia Fitzgerald, Goodness Uzo-Ngerem, Gilbert Hernandez, Nigel McKinney, Christopher Roseman, Thomas Roth, Christopher Simmons, Angel Stark, Leeonte’ Young


Additionally, a number of students were recognized for their service to the community: 27 students received a white cord for 130 Hours of Community Service, 8 students received a silver cord for 230 Hours of Community Service, and 8 students received a double gold cord for 330 or more Hours of Community Service. What’s more is that 55 students were recognized for Honor Roll for three quarters of the 2018-2019 school year.